Diagram Templates

Diagram Templates

Feature available to: Admin (to create / manage diagram templates) • Editor (to select diagram template used by processes)
Diagram templates help creating a consistent look and feel for all the diagrams in your workspace. In Skore, a diagram is a page, or level, of a process. Typically, Diagram Templates are used to add a header to a process with common information and links to a portal page or an intranet page. They are like a background image... with more interactivity.

The Diagram Template is inserted behind a diagram, as if it was a background to the current content.

Changes made to a Diagram Template will appear instantly on all processes.
Diagram Templates, like any other process, can be approved and published. When a Diagram Template is published, the published version is used.

When applying a Diagram Template for the first time, it also loads its page settings (paper size, etc. ) See Process map page settings.

Diagram Template vs. Stylesheet

Diagram Template is content that is inserted as the background of all diagrams. 
Stylehseet define the look and feel of the boxes & lines of your processes. 

It is recommended to have your stylesheet ready before doing the diagram template

What is used in a diagram template

  1. All the boxes
  2. the page settings when you apply the template the first time (in other words, page settings can be changed at the process level and will not revert to the diagram template)
What is not used from a diagram template (this is different than pre-spinnaker release)
  1. the stylesheet : the stylesheet is set independantly. See Manage Stylesheet in Skore
  2. the responsibility model
  3. the system model 
  4. the roles 
  5. the systes 

How to create a diagram template

Available in Product Plan: Management

  1. Navigate to Admin > Diagram Templates
  2. Create a new diagram template, or duplicate an existing template 
Once created, editing a Diagram Template is like any other process (it is a process, after all). You can use dynamic texts.

How to edit a diagram template

  1. Navigate to Admin > Diagram Templates
  2. Click Edit button on the relevant template
Diagram Template are edited like any other process.

Version management of diagram template 

A diagram template can be "versioned" like any other process: a published version can be created. When a published version exists, this is the version used in all process diagrams. 
Making changes to the diagram template will not have immediate impact until a new publication with the changes is done. (or "unpublish", in this case it goes back to using the latest revision) 

How to change the default diagram template

It is recommended to have a default diagram template.
  1. Navigate to Admin > Diagram Template
  2. Select the template to set as default
  1. Cascade: update all processes with the current diagram template to the new default diagram template. Processes using another diagram templates are not affected. Processes with no diagram templates are not affected. 
  2. (None): Existing processes are not changed, 
In both cases, all new processes created will use the new default template 

Process version management 

The diagram template is applied to the "editable" revision of a process. Opening a previous revision of a process which was using another diagram template will open with the diagram template attached at the time.  

How to delete a diagram template

(Please take precautions)
  1. Navigate to Admin > Diagram Template
  2. Select the template to delete
Note: All processes (including all revision history) will have their Diagram Template removed, this means that opening any revision that was using this template will not have a Diagram Template anymore.  

See also

  1. Process versions history
  2. Manage Stylesheet in Skore
  3. Dynamic texts (process variables)
  4. publishing a process

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