Dynamic texts (process variables)

Dynamic texts (process variables)

Available in Product Plan: Mapping • Analysis • Management

Feature available to: Editor • Admin

What is a dynamic text

Dynamic texts are pieces of what you write in a process box that is getting replaced as you go with a value.
Dynamic texts are short-codes that display up to date information automatically based on the properties of the source information. You can place these dynamic texts into a process box (WhatBox, WhyBox, NoteBox etc) anywhere on the process to display process information. 

Example: typing {{ process_owner_name }} will display the current process owner's name.

Dynamic texts are most often used in Diagram Templates.

Available texts

The name of the process
The title of current diagram's parent's box. At the top level, this is the process name 
The process owner name if available or "(No process owner)"
The process owner name if available or "(No process owner)"
The process owner email if available or "(No process owner)"
The process purpose if available 
If the current revision is published
"Version X, approved by Y, on Date (This is the current version)"

If the current revision was published, but is not the latest 
"Version X, approved by Y, on Date (This is the not the current version)"

"Draft Process"
The date at which the process was published
Name of the approval
Email of the approver
Version of the published process if available
"Yes" or "No" if the current revision is the current published revision

See all available dynamic texts by navigating to the 'Dynamic Texts' repository accessible via any process in your workspace. Just got to the 'Get Help' section in the main left navigation panel.

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