Process map page settings

Process map page settings

Feature available to: Editor • Admin

What are the page settings

These are the settings that relate to the canvas/page that a process is developed onto. You can configure these settings based upon your mapping preferences and for printing/PDF requirements.

Page view

By default processes in Skore show in "page view" which mimics the look and feel of mapping on a piece of paper. This is very convenient when you need to print or export a process to PDF as you always know how it will look like.

When turned on (it is on by default) the canvas is like a paper sheet, and expands automatically. 

Paper size / Landscape

You can select which paper size you would like to use. Especially useful if the process will be printed.


Show a grid to ease alignment of objects

Background color

Choose a background color for your process. Particularly useful for landing pages.

Page Scale

The higher the page scale, the more boxes you can put on a single page.

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