Deleting processes/documents

Deleting processes/documents

Deleting processes/documents

Learn about how to delete processes/documents that you no longer require.

Warning: Skore is not responsible for any content including sensitive information which is deleted by the user.


Sometimes you may have created a process/document by accident or perhaps the content is no longer relevant to the workspace. Follow the steps below to find out how to delete these processes/documents:

Delete a process/document

To begin with, head to the Processes/Documents screen and find the content you wish to delete. Click the ••• icon on the process/document card.

Next, click "Archive/Delete". This will bring up the Archive/Delete menu for the process/document.

This is the Archive/Delete menu for the process/document. Here you can see 3 options. We want to delete the process/document so click "Delete (permanently)". 
Click "Confirm" to save your change to the process/document.

You will notice that the process/document is no longer available by default as it has now been deleted. If you do not have any processes/documents at all or if they have all been archived/deleted, then you will see this message "This folder is empty (Or you are not authorised to see its content)". 

See our article on Process/Document Access Rights for further information.


You will now be able to delete your processes/documents.

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