Attachments in Skore

Attachments in Skore

Why attachments

Attachments are helpful to add commentaries, context, details to an activity

Types of attachments

Attachment normally open in the right hand side panel

The popup mode

How to

How to add attachments

  1. Open the attachment panel
  2. Click "Add text" or "More..." to see other attachment types
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Click save when you are done

How to reorder attachments

When in edit mode, use the arrows below an attachment item to reorder it.

Report on attachments

As all content in Skore, the attachments can be reported on and exported in the REPORT tab.

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Advanced features

How to hide the paperclip icon

When the box has 1 or more attachments, the paperclip icon will be shown on the box. You can change the box style (under the STYLE menu) to hide the paperclip.

Open attachment panel from text

If the paperclip icon has been hiden, you may want a way to open the panel anyway ? use this shortcode
  1.  [Open attachment panel](attachments)
To force open in a popup
  1. [Open attachment panel](attachments popup)

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