Report and export process content

            Reporting in Skore

            All the content in Skore may be reported on (and exported in various formats) for further analysis outside the app.

            Different report type

            Work activities

            Will report on the boxes of the process. 1 line of report per box in the process.


            Reports on roles assigned to boxes. 1 line of report per role assigned.

            The role report is ideal for:
            • Analyse role usage
            • Export RACI matrix (or any responsibility matrix you are using)
            • Generate role based job description


            A box with 2 roles:

            Will report 2 lines, one line per role


            Report on attachments.

            Ideal for:
            • Analysis of custom fields
            • Extraction of recurring values

            Customization option

            • Box types
            • Columns

            How to

            Report on process steps content 

            1. In a given process, go to the report tab
            2. Switch report on the secondary tab bar

            Export report 

            1. On a report page
            2. Select "export" in the top right corner
            3. You can export to 
              1. Excel: ideal for further analysis in excel
              2. CSV: ideal for import into a third party system
              3. Clipboard: data will be ready to be pasted anywhere you need

            See also

            • Custom fields
            • questionnaire
            • manage roles

            Updated: 11 May 2018 05:02 PM
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