Attachments - Custom fields

            What is it ?

            Custom fields are a quick way to capture data in a structured way against an activity.

            • Risk description
            • System used
            • Location where the work takes place
            • User stories
            • Change Impact
            • Cost of the activity
            • etc.

            How to...

            How to add a custom field

            To add a custom field, open the attachment panel and select "Custom field" in the l

            Then, give a name and a value. Example:

            How to report on custom field values

            In the report tab of the process, select the attachments report. Each attachment will be a line of the report (i.e. if one activities has 5 attachmetns, 5 individual lines of report will appear)

            Report can then be exported to Excel and other formats

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            Updated: 08 Jun 2018 03:31 PM
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