Attachment - Text

Attachment - Text

What are text attachments?

This is a the simplest way to add: 
  • Notes related to this piece of work
  • Additional commentary
  • Additional description of the work done in a box
  • Add keywords or any "metadata" to the activity, though custom fields and questionnaires might be more appropriate.

Text attachments or note boxes on the canvas ? 

In a workshop, I usually collect all general knowledge and comments in notes boxes so that they are visible on the canvas at all time. When a commentary is added as an attachments, the attachment panel must be opened first. 
Later, after the workshop exercise, I will typically move some information to attachments and remove all the commentaries that are not relevant anymore.

How to...

How to add a text attachments

  1. Open the attachment panel of a box (click on the paperclip)
  2. Add a new "text" attachment
  3. Start typing. You can use markdown
  4. Save when done

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