Make the most out of notes in a process

            What are Note boxes ?

            Note boxes allow you to add free text to a process in order to capture additional descriptions, questions, to highlight changes or guide users through the process. They can also be used for adding icons and images to a process. Note boxes are very flexible and can be used for almost anything you cannot do with a What or Why box.

            Usage examples

            Annotate a process

            To annotate a process simply drag a Note box from the left bar on to your process. By default the Note box will display as a sticky note with a coloured background.

            Simply add the text you want to display in the box and then click away from it to view it on the process.

            You can also add a Note to a process using a keyboard shortcut. Click and hold the N key on your keyboard and click once with your mouse to create a note.

            Create header / title

            Notes are used to create header and title bars on a diagram, or within the template.

            To create a header bar add a Note box to the page and set the background color to transparent.

            Use markdown Header 1 code (#) at the beginning of your title text to create a title:

            #This is my title

            Will appear as:

            This is my title

            Change background colors

            To change the background color of the note box use the color field below the text entry section. You can type in a color name, such as 'blue', or you can use hexadecimal colors typically found in webpages. Typing 'transparent' will make the background transparent.

            Note box background is semi-transparent by default. To change this open the stylesheet for the individual Note, or for the whole process, and change the transparency on the Note.

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