Style Rules

Style Rules

Feature available to:  Admin (Create & Manage style rules) • Editor (Use them)

What is a style rule

A style rule will assign a specific stylesheet (design) to a box that matches criteria defined by you. This allows you to differentiate process activities or objects from others based upon a set criteria. 

This criteria usually refers to key words in process objects or fields selected in forms or custom fields.

Typical examples would be highlighting Risks, Decision Points, Compliance Points etc

How to create / edit a style rule ?

  1. First navigate to the Admin tab then the 'Stylesheets' screen
  2. Click 'New' to create a new style rule
  3. Complete the fields in the Style Rule Editor to define your criteria and assign a stylesheet

Explanation of the Style Rule Creator Fields

Name (mandatory)
The name of the style rule
Select Form (mandatory)
Select the form to which the stylerule applies.

This is the minimum required to create a style rule. If only a form is selected, and no field, all boxes with this form will be matched.
Select Field (optional)
Select a field of the selected form that will be matched.

If you do not select a "value to match", all box with this field will be matched
Select value to match (optional)
Depending on the type of field, it may be a dropdown list of the options (for example as a custom field group) or a free text field to match a text
Stylesheet (mandatory)
The stylesheet to apply to the matched boxes

How to create a stylesheet for a style rule ?

  1. This is a "normal" stylesheet. See Manage Process Stylesheets in Skore

How to apply a stylerule to a process?

  1. On a process, open the properties panel and select "style rules"
  2. Toggle the style rule(s) you would like to apply and click save

The style rules will be applied against the matching box

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