Manage Process Stylesheets in Skore

Manage Process Stylesheets in Skore

Available in Product Plan: Mapping (1 stylesheet) • Analysis (1 stylesheet) • Management (unlimited stylesheets)

Feature available to: Admin (Create stylesheet), Editor (Select stylesheet to use on a process)
Stylesheets are one of the tool to create consistency in your process map. Stylesheet will apply to boxes and lines of a process. The define the look of the elements, such as the border color, font color and size.
Stylesheet are also used in Style Rules to give a style to box according to rules (e.g. box has the system "Excel") 

How to create, or edit, a stylesheet?

Available in Product Plan: Mapping (1 stylesheet), Analysis (1 stylesheets), Management (unlimited stylesheets)
  1. Navigate to Workspace Admin > Stylesheets
  2. Create a new stylesheet (or edit existing one)
Set a default stylesheet

The default stylesheet is the stylesheet that is automatically applied when a new process is created in the workspace. The stylesheet of a process can be changed later. 
When changing the default stylesheet, 2 options are available:
  1. "Only for new processes": the existing processes are not changed. All new processes are created with the selected stylesheet.
  2. "For new and existing processes": the existing process using the current-default-stylesheet will be updated to use the selected stylesheet. Existing processes using other stylesheets will not change. New processes will be created using the selected stylesheet

How to set the stylesheet of a process?

  1. Open a process in Edit mode
  2. Open the Map properties > Stylesheets menu
  3. Select the stylesheet to be applied.

How to change the style of a given box (without changing the stylesheet)

When editing a process it is possible to customize the style of elements (boxes, lines) individually.
Elements where a custom style have been applied are immune to the stylesheet. In other words, changing the stylesheet will not change the style of the elements at all. 

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