Process owner

Process owner

What is it

In Skore, processes may have a process owner. This is not mandatory but a recommended practice to ensure the right ownership of the processes.

How to...

How to change the process owner of a process

As an editor with "can edit" access right on the process.
  • Open the process properties panel from the process menu
  • Select a process owner in the user list
  • Click OK and Save
You can

Note: it is

How to report on process owners

On the process view, switch to table view

This will show a report of processes existing in the workspace. Clicking on the table column header ("Owner") will allow to quickly see which processes do not have an owner.

This table can be exported to excel for further analysis (see button in top right corner)

How to display the process owner name on the process

A process owner name and / or email can be displayed on a diagram using variable. Learn more about using variables.


  • Process owner is not linked to access right management
  • Process owner is not linked to the approval & publication process
  • Process owner is optional field. A process may have no owner
  • When a user is removed from the workspace, the processes where she may have been a process owner will no longer have a process owner

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