Manage access rights of a process

            Why access rights

            Not everyone may be allowed to see or edit a process. Access right allow to manage who can do what on a process.

            Viewers can view

            To select who can view a process.

            Editors can edit

            To select who can make changes (i.e. edit) to a process

            Permission to change access rights

            • editors with "can edit" right can change access rights of a process
            • workspace administrators can change access rights of any process  

            How to...

            How to change access right

            From the process menu:

            The access right modal.

            Change access right of a process

            • Everyone in workspace / All editors of workspace : this is the most open way that doesn't restrict any access rights
            • Just me: only you can view / edit the process
            • Restricted: when selected, you can pick individual users


            • Workspace admin can see all processes of a workspace, even if they don't have explicit access rigths to them.
            • Workspace admin can change the access rights of all processes of the workspace. That means that a workspace admin can grant access, includign to herself, to any process
            • Process owner are not related to access right
            • Default access rights
              • Viewing: everyone in workspace
              • Editing: just me
            • Anyone who can edit a process can see it.

            Updated: 07 Jun 2018 07:01 PM
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