Make an Entire Box Clickable

Make an Entire Box Clickable


This article explains the steps to make an entire box (WhatBox, WhyBox, NoteBox) clickable, to create a button type function. With these clickable boxes, you may overlay them over images to create user friendly landing pages as an example.
Insert any box onto the canvas

Double click the box you wish to add a link to in order to open and edit the text. Create a text link by highlighting the text and clicking the link icon.

Here you will see the "Insert link" window. This lets you link to many different formats. Choose a link to insert into the box and click Insert link

You can check the "Open link in new tab?" option if you wish for the link to open in a new tab when clicked.

Click the 'Paperclip' icon on the box to open the left side panel. 

Scroll down to see the  "Additional Settings" menu and open the drop-down
Check the 'Make box entirely clickable'

What Happens?

  1. When in 'View Mode' the entire surface of the box will be clickable. 
  2. The text of your link will be hidden (and all other text may be visible).

Changing the Style of your Box

  1. Select the box and click 'Box Style' on the left side editing panel. This will open up the box style settings, where you change the attributes of the box to fit the style you want to create.
  2. A tip is to make the box completely transparent under "Box Style". This will let you overlay the box over any image, text heading or anything you would like.

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