How to hand-over a workspace to a client

How to hand-over a workspace to a client

You are a consulting company working with your clients. You have finished the engagement and the client would like to keep access to the workspace. 

Workspace clean up

Before handing over the workspace you may want to "clean up" the content 
  1. Processes, archive (and delete) all unnecessary processes
    1. It may be useful to Publish a process in Skore the most important processes so that the time at the exact revision at which the process maps have been handed over is clearly identified
    2. If you have been using access rights, verify that they are set accordingly
  2. Folders
  3. Tags (labels)
  4. Set the right process owner (this can be done at any time)

Workspace user list

  1. Remove unnecessary users & user groups
  2. The new owner of the workspace must be workspace admin 
  3. Invite new users 
  4. Setup Single Sign On ? contact 


  1. Ensure the new users of the workspace have received appropriate training. Contact would you need some help with this topic


  1. If the payments need to be changed, please contact us 

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