Publish a process in Skore

Publish a process in Skore

What is publication

You can make an official version of a process that will open by default when looking at the process.

Revision: automatic saving of the process will create a revision learn more
Version: publishing a process will create a new version

How to do

Open the HISTORY page

The modal with all revisions of your process will open, select the version to publish

Now let's start the publication process

Select an approver

In order to publish the process, you will need to select an approver. Any user of the workspace can be an approver. The modal give you.

The modal window will give you shortcut access to :
  • Selecting yourself as the approver
  • Selecting the process owner
  • You can also manually select any user of the workspace.

The second field, comment, is optional. The requestor may enter some notes to explain the changes done to this approval. The notes will appear in the emails and the change log.

Click "Publish now" to continue.

At this stage
  • the process is awaiting approval
  • the approver, if it's not yourself, has received an email asking to approve the process
  • the approver can see the process at the top of the process list in the workspace

Approval & publication

Open the approval & publication modal screen

Once it is approved, open the history modal again, we can see that this revision of the process has been approved and is now version 1

Previously approved version of a process will be marked as "was approved"


Summary of version

  • The published version of a process will open by default to all users opening the process
  • If no published version, the latest (i.e. most recent) revision of the process will be shown

Summary of permissions

  • Request approval: any editor with "can edit" access right on the process
  • Be an approver: any user of the workspace (any user type -- member, editor, admin). It is your role to ensure the approver has at least "can see" access right on the process
  • Cancel a request: any editor with "can edit" access right on the process
  • Unpublish a published version: any editor with "can edit" access right on the process
  • See a published process: anyone with "can see" access right on the process
  • See any other revision of the process: anyone with "can see" access right (any user can open the History modal to browse different versions of the process)

Can an approval request be rejected ?

The approver, if unhappy, should liaise with the requestor. The requestor can cancel the request.

What emails are sent ?

One email is sent to the approver, if the approver is not the requestor (i.e. if not doing a self-approval)
One email is sent to the requestor once the process is approved and published (even if the requestor is the approver)

Can I unpublish a process, and what happens?

Yes. From the history modal a published version of a process can be unpublished.
  • If a previously published version of a process exists, this will make it the published version again
  • If no previously published version exists, the latest (most recent) revision of a process will be opened by default

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