Manage folders

Manage folders

Available in Product Plan: Management

Feature available to: Editor (use folders) • Admin (Create & Modify folders)

Folders make it easy to group processes together

Difference between tags and folders

Folders allow grouping processes together, by project, department or function
Tags add attributes to a process. For example "to review". Tags can be applied to processes in any folder.

How to create a folder?

Create a folder from a process menu

  • Open the process menu
  • Select "Folder" to open the slider.
  • Select a folder or create a new one
  • Click Save

How to create a folder structure in advance

Folder structure may be created and managed from the admin panel.

  • Navigate to Admin > Folders
  • Create / Edit / Remove folder from the table

How to create sub folders?

It is possible to simulate a folder hierarchy in Skore simply by naming the folders in a specific way.

To create sub folders:

  • prefix the name of the sub folders with exactly the name of its parent
  • add a forward slash: /

These folder names :

  • HR
  • HR / Recruiting
  • HR / Training
  • HR / Training / France

Will display as such on the web interface

  • HR
    • Recruiting
    • Training
      • France

Giving the visual impression of a folder hierarchy.

The hierarchy is created from the process name, the slug does not matter.

How to remove a folder?

Feature available to: Admin
  1. Navigate to workspace admin > Folders
  2. Select & remove the folder

How to move a process from a folder to another

Feature available to: Admin, Editor

1. On the process card, open the "..." menu and then the folder slider
2. Select the folder from the drop-down list
3. Then click 'Save'

The process will automatically relocate to the chosen folder.

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