Copy and Paste Box Content

Copy and Paste Box Content

Copy and Paste Box Content


When mapping a process, you may find there are times when you want to copy over content from one box to another.
Instead of repeating the actions of adding the same content to numerous boxes, why not learn this advanced process mapping technique to drastically save time?

How to copy box content

You'll want to first learn how to copy content on a box before pasting anything.
First, enter the process.
Whilst in Edit mode, you can click the paperclip of a box which will bring up the Attachments panel.  

The Attachments panel contains content you can copy to other boxes (if you have added this content). 

When you hover over a field you would like to copy, there will be a "Select item" checkbox. You can select this checkbox to add the field to the selection of fields you would like to copy. 

Selected fields will be indicated by a checkmark in the top right corner of the field.

Once you have selected your fields, you will see a "Copy Selection" option at the bottom of the attachments panel. You can also see some help text detailing the next steps.

Click "Copy Selection" to add the selected fields to your clipboard. You will now be able to paste the selected fields to other boxes.

Note: Copied content is kept in a local clipboard that belongs to the workspace.

 Any content copied to the clipboard can be pasted many times to different processes in the same workspace.
There is a clipboard for each type of box (Activity Box, Whybox, Notes).

How to paste box content

Now that you have selected the fields you wish to copy, you can now paste these fields into your desired boxes.

Whilst in Edit mode, select boxes you wish to paste your copied content onto, click the "Edit..." menu and click "Paste selected content".
Use Ctrl + Click to select multiple boxes
This will paste the copied content into your selected boxes.

You can now see that the copied content has successfully pasted onto our selected box. It has not overwritten any existing content which you can see above the newly added content.


By completing these steps, you can now use this advanced process mapping technique to remove repetitive Attachment tasks and enhance your process mapping workflow!
Simply select, copy and paste!
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