Canvas, page and paper settings

            What is it?

            In a world of digital content made of bits and pixel, good old paper still has its place. Skore processes are mapped on paper-shaped canvas, making it easy to see how it will look like when printed. Viewer will always see process on an infinite canvas, except when printing.

            Canvas, page, paper settings

            • Page view (default)
            • "infinite" canvas view
            View mode is always canvas view 

            Paper size

            You can choose from a number of predefined paper sizes or enter your own custom size.
            Default is A4 landscape.


            When enabled, it is visible in both edit and view mode.

            Background color

            Change the background color of the canvas. Default is white.


            The higher the more boxes will fit on a page. Default is 1.3.

            Working with template

            The default Skore settings may be overridden by a template for the workspace

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