Share a process publicly

            What is it?

            You can make a process available to the outside world by enabling "public sharing". When enabled, anyone with the URL can see the process without logging into Skore, i.e. no user account is needed.

            Permission: workspace administrator feature only
            This feature may have been disabled from your workspace

            Understand the risk

            Anyone with the URL may be able to see the process.

            We do not recommend leaving a process shared publicly for ever, the option is easy enough to be turned on, and off as soon as possible.

            How to...

            How to enable / disable process or file sharing

            1. Open the process, go to the share menu
            2. Enable publicly shared
            For everyone to be aware, the process is now marked as shared publicly on the workspace list.


            If your process uses images from the file manager, they will need to be "shared publicly" as well to be accessible from the outside

            See also

            • Manage access rights
            Updated: 07 Jun 2018 07:41 PM
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