Search in a process

            What is it ?

            There is a powerful feature to search content in a given process. See various use cases below in this page.

            The search panel is opened from the search button on the right hand side.

            Search panel & results

            The search results are listed in the right hand side panel and highlighted on a map.

            If the enter detailed view button is highlighted, this means content search results have been found in lower levels of the process map.

            If the attachment button is highligth, a result has been found in one of the attachment.

            Filter search results

            Search use cases 

            Find a specific a role

            There is a bunch of roles working together in the regulatory team (head of regulatory, regulatory manager, regulatory specialist) and we want to know where they are involved in a process

            • Type "regulatory" in the search panel. This will match our 3 roles.
            • In the filter tab, uncheck all options but "Responsibilities" so this will search only in the responsibility field of boxes
            • Refresh the search
            You will be able to see where the regulatory team is involved in the process

            Check the number of occurence of a term

            There is a suspicion that the team overuses Excel reporting in the process. You have systematically captured the tools used in the attachment of each box. It would be interesting to know to know how often Excel has been mentioned.

            • Type "excel" in the search panel
            • See the result count
            • In the analytics tab, you could see the total number of boxes and make a ratio.

            Updated: 07 Jun 2018 08:42 PM
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