Save / Open files on desktop

            What is it

            The desktop app works with a traditional file system; saving files with .skore extension on your file system.

            .skore file

            The traditional skore file format.

            HTML Export

            Skore can also generate HTML file that can be opened by anyone in a browser. In other word, the recipient of a skore HTML file does not need to have Skore desktop app installed on its laptop.

            A skore HTML file will open in a browser, and requires an internet connection to download the "materials" necessary to display the Skore process. Note: the process content, your data, never leaves the local machine. The browser will download things from skore servers, but nothing will be sent back.

            Note that Skore desktop app can open the file saved as .html

            How to...

            Save .skore file

            In the file menu, you will find all your traditional OPEN / SAVE / SAVE AS... file option to manipulate files. 

            Export as HTML

            In the file menu, see the EXPORT option. 

            Advanced features

            • Skore desktop app can re-open the exported .html file
            • Skore file are very standard XML files 

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            Updated: 11 May 2018 06:15 PM
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