Printing a process

            What is it

            Printing a process is often a great way to engage users and collect feedback.

            How to...

            How to print a process

            1. Go to the print tab to see the print preview
            2. Change settings (see below)
            3. Press "Print now" when ready
            4. A new window will open with your "final" process to be printed. Press the button in the top left process to print.

            Printing settings age settings

            By defaultt this takes the size of the process, but this can be changed.
            You can define a custom size too.


            The higher the more boxes on a page

            Poster print

            • Default : as page view
            • Fit content on one page : squeeze the current diagram content on 1 page
            • Poster: will expand the process to fit as many pages as you'd like


            • Current diagram only
            • Current diagram and all children (detailed views)
            Attachments will be added at the bottom of the page

            Select starting diagram

            If your process has several levels, you can select which diagram to start from; and wether to include lower levels or not.

            See also

            • Canvas & Page size settings

            Updated: 07 Jun 2018 09:30 PM
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