Mapping at the speed of talking

            Look like a boss in a workshop

            Create boxes with the keyboard

            Use the following keyboard shortcuts to create boxes

            When a box is selected:
            • Press Space to create the next box
            • process SHIFT+SPACE to create the previous box
            When no box is selected
            • Process W+Click to create a whatbox where your cursor is
            • Y+Click for whybox
            • N+Click for note

            Change box selection

            When a box is selected
            • Press TAB to selec the next box in the flow
            • If several boxes are candidates, press several time, fairly quickly, TAB to roll between the boxes
            • If no boxes is candidate, a new box will be created
            • Process SHIFT+SPACE to select previous box in the flow

            Open the box editor

            When a box is selected
            • Press ENTER to enter "edit mode"

            Close box editor

            • Press enter to validate the changes where you are
            • Press TAB to go to the next input field
            • Press TAB on the last input field to validate the changes

            Press ESCAPE to cancel your changes

            Learn markdown to format text

            Use the workshop mode

            Zoom in and out

            CTRL+Mouse scroll (COMMAND + Mouse scroll on mac)

            Updated: 08 Jun 2018 08:09 PM
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