Get started with processes

            This article is mostly for "viewing" processes.

            User interface

            Read a process

            This reads: when a campaign budget is approved, as a CMO, I create communication materials, so that the materials are approved.


            Enter detailed view

            • Click on the "enter detail" icon of a process
            • To exit, use the breadcrumb

            Using the breadcrumb above the canvas, you know where you are in the process hierarchy and you can navigate to upper levels easily

            In the left panel, you can find a hierarchy of the diagrams of a given process. This allows to navigate anywhere.
            In the left panel, you can see the list of processes of the workspace, so you can quickly jump to another process! 


            Open the attachment panel from a box


            • Open the search panel from the top right menu 


            Go to the print tab to preview and then print the current process

            Updated: 14 Jun 2018 06:00 PM
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