Enable RACI, RATSI or a responsibility matrix in Skore

            What is it

            Process mapping inevitably comes with a conversation about roles & responsibilities (and if it doesn't, you are not doing it right)

            Skore makes it easy to capture roles on a box and "tag" them with responsibility matrix elements.

            Example: box with Responsibility, Accountability and Consulted of RACI roles defined:

            How to...

            How to enable responsibility matrix

            Open the menu Settings : Responsibilities model

            Select your prefered model: RACI, RATSI, RAPID or create a custom one

            Click Apply

            How to assign RACI to a role in the process

            Once you have enabled, edit a box as usual and you will have an additional row of button.

            Editing the box:

            How to see assignments

            RACI / RATSI Tags will be shown next to each activity where a given role is involved in the role manager.

            How to report on role assignments

            In the Report for roles, you can easily extract all assignments for further analysis in excel for example

            See also

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            Updated: 13 Jun 2018 01:04 PM
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