Create a process template

            What is it?

            Ensure consistency of look and feel accross your processes with templates
            Moreover, processes 

            What does a template contain ?

            • Boxes
            • Stylesheet
            • Roles
            • Canvas & Page settings

            How does a template work?

            At process creation

            When a new process is created the template is automatically applied. Content (including roles), stylesheet, page and canvas settings are applied. 

            The editor can start mapping process..

            When creating a detailed view

            When creating a detailed view, the boxes are automatically imported on the new blank level.

            How to...

            Create a template

            - create a process
            Add boxes, varialbes, governance information, etc. 
            - copy the XML

            Enable / Disable a template


            Add a process template to existing processes

            If you have created a process before the feature was available, follow the steps:
            - create a process
            - enable it in the process
            - the styelsheet will be applied

            Updated: 11 May 2018 06:30 PM
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