Create a detailed view or sub process

            What is it?

            One of Skore core feature is the ability to create a hierarchy of processes

            This has several benefits
            • Keep each level simple, shorter and understandable
            • It forces thinking "high level" before going in the details
            • Not everyone is interested in all the details of the process map
            • It makes it easier to give the high level process before going into the details

            How to do ?

            How to create a detailed view

            Click on the "enter detail" button which appears on hover or selection of a whatbox

            How to remove a detailed view

            Remove all the content of the detailed view and navigate away. This will remove the detailed view of the box

            Question & answers

            When to stop creating process / what is the right level of details?

            There is no hard rule about it, but we think that when consecutive activity boxes (whatboxes) have similar roles, we are too much in details, and the activities could be best described as a list, in an attachment or document

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            Updated: 08 Jun 2018 09:34 PM
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