Swimlanes in Skore (or lack thereof)

Swimlanes in Skore (or lack thereof)

What is it?

Skore does not support swimlanes because we believe that
  • Swimlanes are not easy to read. Skore approach makes processes flow in a rather linear way which is more convenient. Swimlanes diagrams often have lines flowing in all direction
  • Swimlanes are not good with roles. Skore approach makes it easy to add as many roles as necessary. Having one swimlane per role forces to select a few roles because of the page real estate available. How many swimlanes with a line "Others..." have you seen?
  • Swimlanes are not good when several roles are involved in one activity. Skore approach supports adding as may roles as relevant to an activity
  • Swimlanes are not good with RACI / RATSI. It will have to be done in a third party tool; which will quickly be out of sync with the diagram. Skore supports RACI, RATSI, RAPID or any responsibility matrix you want to create

What are swimlanes good at ?

  • Swimlanes are good at showing handover between roles. Skore has a built in feature which does that

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