(Legacy) Setup Skore Connect

(Legacy) Setup Skore Connect

Use Skore to capture processes and requirements at the speed of conversation in live workshops. Categorise each requirement, and automatically create Work Items in Azure Devops. Your development team can take over the work in their own platform.

Skore Connect is an additional service developed by Marjolo and Xaura built on top of the Skore Platform. Skore

Initial Skore Connect setup

  1. Open https://connect.getskore.com/ and login with your usual Skore software credentials
  2. Authorise Connect to... connect with your Skore account
  3. Setup a new project 
    1. A name
    2. Description (such as the workspace name to which it is bound)
    3. Update rule: Always (see Notes, below)
  4. Source connection (Skore)
    1. Enter your Skore username and password again
    2. Enter the API key provided by Skore
    3. (Click "Fetch workspaces")
    4. Select the one workspace you want this project to be linked to
    5. Then, select one or more processes (with ctrl or command to select several processes) 
  5. Destination connection (Azure Devops)
    1. Enter your collection URI (example: https://dev.azure.com/your-company
    2. Enter your personal access token (see Notes, below)
    3. Select the project (see Notes, below)
    4. Select an iteration (Iteration 1)
  6. Click Save

Map a process

Your workspace must have Skore Connect enabled. Please get in touch with info@getskore.com  
  1. Open a process in edit mode
  2. Go to settings > questionnaire
  3. Enable the Skore Connect questonnaire matching your project type (Basic, Agile, Scrum, CMMI)
  4. Map process
  5. On each relevant activity, in the attachment panel,  fill up the questionnaire
  6. Save your process

Sync a project

At the moment, synchronisation is manual. 
  1. In your project list, click the sync button. 
  2. Refresh the page after a couple seconds or so
    1. Status "In progress": the synchronization is still in progress
    2. "Success": the synchronisation is done, go to 
  3. The Work Items in the azure devops project are now updated (according to Update Rules)


Update rules

  1. "Never": changes to a box in Skore NEVER updates the work item in Azure Devops. In other words, the Work Item is created the first time, but is never updated
  2. "Always": changes to a box in Skore ALWAYS updates the work item in Azure. In other words, work item always reflects the content of the box in Skore (Except the "Type" which is immutable)
  3. "If in default iteration": When setting up the Skore Connect project, you can select your default iteration. When this update rule is selected, work items in the default iterations will be ALWAYS updated, and work items that have been moved to another iteration will NEVER be updated.

How to get a Azure Devops Personal Access Token:

  1. In Azure Devops...
  2. click your avatar in the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Click on the "..." (More Options) button 
  4. (A new menu should appear) Select "User Settings"
  5. Select "Personal Access Token".
  6. Create a new token
    1. Give it a name, e.g. Skore Connect
    2. Set an expiry date (maximum 1  year ahead)
    3. Under Scopes select "Custom Defined"
    4. Select work items: Read, Write & Manage
    5. Create the token
    6. Important: Copy the token and store it somewhere safe, yourself. You cannot retrieve it from Azure anymore after this.

Project template

When creating a new project, make sure you are using the right "template" under the "advanced" options of a new project.

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