Process/Document Reviews

Process/Document Reviews

What are Process/Document Reviews?

Making sure your processes stay relevant and up to date is vital for a healthy business. Process/Document Reviews make this objective easy and simple to keep up to date. Get teams to review their processes/documents with review cycles on a regular basis to ensure they are fit for purpose and most importantly, relevant!

Process/Document Review cycles allow your team to stay on top of what matters and provide evidence this has been done.


  1. Review Cycle - A Review Cycle is the configuration for Reviews to happen. A Review Cycle will define who the Review Owner is, which processes are reviewed, who participates in the review and which dates the review occurs on.
  2. Review - A Review is the scheduled review of Processes/Documents with one or more participants.
  3. Review Owner - The Review Owner is responsible for creating the Review Cycle and leads the Review. The Review Owner closes the Review.
  4. Review Participant - A Review Participant can take part in and complete the review. 

How to create a Process/Document Review cycle

How to edit or delete a Process/Document Review

Head over to your Process Review and click the symbol. Then, click "Edit Review Cycle".

From here you can make any necessary changes to your Process/Document Review or you can delete it by clicking the dropdown arrow on "Details" and clicking "Delete review cycle".


You will now know how to create, edit, update and delete Process Reviews in Skore!

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