(Legacy) Process analysis

(Legacy) Process analysis

What is process analytics in Skore

Skore gives you an overview of what is going on in your process.

Panel: Progress

Provides insights into how your process model has developed. How many boxes, how many diagrams, how many levels - they all tell a story. The panel also shows you how many boxes are empty or have no roles assigned.

Panel: Role Utilisation

The most used roles (most assigned) in your process.
Click on the role to open the role manager.

Panel: Role Interactions

See how different roles interact with each other.

Panel: Process Integration

See the list of other processes in this workspace that are referenced.
This is subject to access rights of the current user.

Panel: Custom Fields

This panel highlights key Custom Fields that have been used in the process. For example it may include Ideas, Risks and Control points. The panel gives you an overview and what and how many.

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