(legacy) Manage Process properties

(legacy) Manage Process properties

What is it

Each process in Skore has a defined set of properties. Any Administrator or an Editor with Access Rights to a process can edit the processes. It is important to keep these properties up-to-date to help with the ongoing management and searchability of the process.

Process properties

Unique ID

The Unique ID of the process is helpful to create link between processes. Unique ID are shared between processes, files, images.

Name of the process

This is the displayed name of the process that users will see.
Within a process, the current process name is available with the variable {{ process.name }}

Process name vs. diagram title

Within a process, diagrams may have different name
  • Top level diagram has the same name as the process name, but may be renamed
  • Sub levels of processes are automatically named by the upper level activities 

URL / Slug

This is the name of the process that is used to generate the URL of the process. This is automatically generated from the process name, but can be setup manually would you prefer to.
Note that changing the slug may result in broken links if you or anyone has used the URL outside of Skore 


It is good practice to set an owner for a process.
  • An owner can any user of the workspace 
  • A process may not have an owner
  • If you remove an user from the workspace, it will be removed from process ownership.

Purpose (Description)

Short description of the purpose of the process. May be inserted in a process using variable {{ process.purpose }}

When searching for a process on a workspace, the purpose text is search through too.


Keywords help sorting processes.

Next steps

Would you like to export all process properties, switch to the table view on the process to see all data and export.

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