Lock box position in place (Notes, Whatboxes and Whyboxes)

Lock box position in place (Notes, Whatboxes and Whyboxes)

What is it

You can "lock" boxes so that they don't get in your way when you are working in a process

A lock box:
  • Does not highlight on mouse over
  • Is not selectable
In other words, it looks like it's part of the background

Locked boxes have been created to be used in a process template, but other usages are possible. 

How to...

Lock one or more boxes

  • Select one or more boxes
  • Go to menu ARRANGE -> LOCK BOXES

Unlock boxes

  • Hover over the locked boxes for 2 seconds, an unlock icon will appear in the bottom left corner
  • Go to menu ARRANGE -> UNLOCK BOXES will unlock all boxes of the current, visible, diagram

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