Linking processes

Linking processes

What is it?

Integrating processes in Skore helps in 2 ways
  • Ensure process flows from end to end
  • Make navigation easy to end users

Example of landing page. Each link points to another process in the workspace.

How to...

Link from one box to another box, in the same process map.

Example: link the last whybox of a diagram with the first of another one.

  • Identify the destination box ID number : hover over (or select) the destination

  • Create a link on the text of the source box : [ text ]( destinationBoxID )

To link to an entire diagram, and not a specifix box, we must also know it's box ID.

  • Get the destination boxID
Case1: You are on the destination diagram, get the number from the URL (it should finish with a d)

Case 2: Hover / Select the parent box on which you'd like to point and memorize the box ID

  • Create the link on the text : [ text ]( destinationBoxIDd )
Note the d at the end to specify "detailed" or "deep" which instructs we point to the detailed view, and not the box itself.

To link to another process, prefix the destinationbox with the process ID and a dot.

To get the ID of the destination process, open the process menu or, if you are in a process, open the process navigator and hover over a process, a tooltip will display the process ID.

Create a link on the text of the source box : [ text ]( processID.destinationBoxID )

to point to the top level of process 8 : [ open great process ]( 8.1 )

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