Managing Users

Managing Users

Feature available to: Admin

How to access Workspace User Management

The User Management screen is accessed via the 'Management' section of the main workspace menu.

Here you'll see the total users in your workspace and the breakdown of the numbers of users and editors.

Further down the screen you'll see a table listing the users in your workspace, date/time of last access and their workspace role.

Adding new users to your workspace

So, I have someone I'd like to invite to my workspace to view, edit, approve a process or otherwise, how do I do it?

Step 1. Click the button 'Invite users'

Step 2. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite. Enter multiple by separating each email address with a comma. 

Assigning a workspace role

Step 3: Choose the user(s) workspace role from the available options

Below is a breakdown of the three user roles in Skore (see further below for a breakdown of user permissions by role).

  • Admin - An Admin user can access all parts of the software including the Administration area. An Admin user may also change access rights for any process in their workspace.
  • Editor - An Editor can create and edit processes but cannot access the Administration area.
  • Viewer - A Viewer can view processes, leave comments and approve processes when requested.
Step 4: When ready, click 'Invite'. 

The option to 'send invitation email' is set by default and is recommended as the user will receive an email with an invite and a link to the workspace. If they are not already a Skore user, the link in the email willl direct them to create a Skore account.

User Permissions

Below is a breakdown of widely used functions and their permissions by user role.

View processes in a workspaceYes
Yes - All
Edit a processNoYes 
Change access rights of a process and other propertiesNoYes 
Yes - All
Add comment to a processYesYesYes
Invite new users to a workspaceNoNoYes
Create and manage user groupsNoNoYes
Create foldersNoYesYes
Create tags NoYesYes
Archive processNoYes 
Add users via the 'Share' (process) button NoNoYes

*SAR (Subject to access rights)

Managing Users

To access each of the user management functionality detailed below, click the ellipses next to the users name in the user list.

Changing the role of a user

Simply select 'Change role' and assign a new workspace role for the user (see user permissions table above). This is subject to licenses availability.

Changing a users display name

A users display name is the name that is displayed to and searched by other users in the workspace (process ownership, revision history, comments etc). By default the software will take the name from the users email address.
Simply select 'Change displayed name' and use the text field to enter the new display name. 

Resending a workspace invitation

Sometimes it is necessary to re-send the workspace invitation email to a new user. 
Simply select 'Send invitation email again'.

Removing users

To remove a user, select 'Remove from workspace' and then 'remove'. 

Getting more users

(see manage subscription)

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