Insert images into a process

Insert images into a process

What is it 

Images can be embedded in processes in order to create a better visual experience for users. Images can be used for many reasons including; adding company branding, creating landing pages, adding buttons and/or providing visual information for users.

Images can be resized and embedded within a link in order to create a button on a process diagram.

How to...

Add image to the image library

Adding images to the image library makes it easier to manage images you use in your processes directly in Skore.

  1. From the workspace open the Images & Files library.
  2. Click Upload File
  3. Select the image you want to upload and click OK
Once the image has uploaded you will see a preview. Use the the More Actions drop down to change access rights to this image.

Add image to a diagram from the image library

  1. Find the image you want to use in the Images & Files library
  2. Use the More Actions dropdown and select the Copy Shortcode option in the menu
  3. Navigate to your process and the diagram you wish to add the image to
  4. Create a Note box and set the background to transparent
  5. Use Ctrl + V to paste the shortcode into the Note box
When you click away from the Note Box the image will be displayed on the diagram. You can resize the Note Box to resize the image.

Add image from URL

To add an image hosted elsewhere on the internet you will need the URL of the image.

Create a Not Box on the diagram you wish to add the image and enter the following shortcode:


Click away from the Note box to view the image.


You can embed an image shortcode inside a link shortcode to make it a clickable button. For example:


You can also link to other objects within a process or within the workspace:


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