How to setup Two Factor Authentication in Skore

How to setup Two Factor Authentication in Skore

What is 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) ? 

"2FA" is a way to secure an account by making sure the user trying to login really is the user. This is done by asking a second security question that is generated from another source.  At Skore, we do it using an authenticator app.  

Once set-up, to log into Skore you will be asked:
  1. First factor: Your Skore log in details (email & password) 
  2. Second factor: A 6 digit one-time access code generated by an authenticator app

Step 1: Download an authenticator app on your smartphone

There are several authenticator apps, the most popular are from Google or Microsoft.
Note: These apps are free. You do not need any account or registration to install & use them.
  1. Google authenticator : Apple app store, Google play store 
  2. Microsoft Authenticator: Apple app store, Google play store

Step 2: Setting up 2FA for your Skore account

Enable 2FA 

Note: this may have been enforced on your account so this first step is optional. 
1. Click this link to access your account security page:

2. Click 'Enable' to turn on Two Factor Authentication for your account.
  1. You should see a QR Code appear, with recovery codes listed underneath.
3. Save all the recovery codes in a safe place, such as a password manager.

What are recovery codes?

These codes can be used in place of the 6 digits one time password codes generated by the authenticator app when you do not have access.

Step 3: Linking the Authenticator app to your Skore account

1. Open your authenticator app and point the QR Code Scanner at the QR Code on the Skore security screen (For the Microsoft Authenticator, you will first need to add the type of account. Select 'Other account')
  1. This will save your Skore account to your Authenticator App. It is here you can access the 6 digit one-time access code when Skore requests it upon log-in.

Helpful to know...

  1. The 6 digit code generated by the authenticator app is refreshed every 30 seconds. 

You're good to go!

Step 4: Upon your next Log-in to Skore

Once 2FA is enabled on your account, the next time you log-in, you will be asked to enter the 6 digit code generated by your authenticator app.  

If you do not have access to your authenticator app, you can use the recovery codes you've previously saved. (First click "Use a recovery code instead")

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