How to group activities in Skore

How to group activities in Skore

What is it?

In Skore you can group activities, this lets users visually see that some activities have a different context and may need to be interpreted differently compared to the wider process.

Below is an example of how to use grouping in a process.  The upper process flow only applies to large projects which is indicated by the grey border surrounding the boxes.

How to group boxes

Grouping boxes

1. Select the boxes to group:
Ctrl/Cmd (⌘) + Left Click or hold Shift + drag with Left Click

2. Group the boxes:
Keyboard: Ctrl/Cmd (⌘) + G

Arrange menu: Group

Naming your group

1. Double click "Your group name" to open the text editor
2. Give your group a name by entering text into the text field. 
3. (Optional) You can click the "Open Full Text Editor" button for more text editing/formatting options.
4. Click anywhere on the canvas (off of the group) to save your changes.

Ungrouping boxes

1. Select the group:
Ctrl/Cmd (⌘) + Left Click or hold Shift + drag with Left Click

2. Ungroup boxes:
Keyboard: Ctrl/Cmd (⌘) + U

Arrange menu: Ungroup

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