Connect to Skore API via Postman

Connect to Skore API via Postman

Public API Documentation


Import collection in Postman (and keep in sync)


·      In postman desktop client, click “Import”



·      Paste the following URL


·      The collection will appear in your postman workspace


Updating the collection 


The API endpoint collection / documentation is regularly updated. To get the latest, click on “Import” again, paste the same URL but click “Replace” when prompted. 




Using the API in Postman


·      Ensure you are using the right environment in the top right corner 




Environment variables


Some local variables need to be edited before the first connection


·      Click “Environment quick look” in the top right corner.


The quicklook is not very usable. 


·      Click the “Edit” button to have the environment variable editor in a full tab 



·      Fill in the values


User_email : your email

User_password : your password 

Client_id : provided by Skore

Client_secret : provided by Skore





·      Pick one request, for example “Get authenticated user” and press send.


In the result window at the bottom you should see your own details




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