Comment on a process

Comment on a process

What is it ?

In Skore you can collect user feedback, leave suggestions and talk about your process with colleagues by using the Comments feature.
You can overlay comments on top of your process in the form of callouts and find all of your comments in one central area making it easy to manage. Comments are great for enhancing collaboration and promoting continuous process improvement!


How to...

How to comment on a process

Anyone with "View" access on a process can leave comments 

Add Comment Types

When adding a comment, you may find that you want to choose a different comment type. The default options may not fit what you are looking for and in this case you can add different Comment Types.

In order to add different Comment Types, you will need to head over to the Admin section of your workspace.

Here you will see all of your available comment types. To add a new comment type, click the "New" button.

Type the name of the comment type you want to add and click the "Save" button.

If you change your mind or want to remove a comment type, you can click the three dots  and either edit or delete your entry.


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