Align, space apart, arrange boxes on the canvas

Align, space apart, arrange boxes on the canvas

What is it

There are a number of handy options available to align and arrange boxes on the canvas.

Keeping your processes neat and tidy makes them easier to read and easier on the eye. We recommend tidying processes AFTER a workshop so that you don't distract from the main task of mapping. 
Most options are found in the arrange menu. The most common features have keyboard shortcuts which are shown against each option.

Arrange menu


  1. Select more than 2 boxes (see box selection)
  2. Choose an align / distribute function from the ARRANGE menu or keyboard shortcut

Reference box
top most box
right most box
bottom most box (bottom border)
left most box
Middle (horizontal axis)
top most middle of a box
Center (vertical axis)
left most center  of a box

Space out / Distribute

Spread boxes evenly between the left-most / top-most box and right-most / bottom-box accordingly.
Note that the computation is based on centers / middles of boxes, and not the space in between boxes


It is possible to send boxes to front / back.

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