Using icons in your processes (Legacy)

Using icons in your processes (Legacy)

What is it 

Icons are simple graphical elements you can add to a process to provide further visual information. For example you can add an icon on an envelope to indicate an activity that involves sending an email. Icons can also be used as links so that they appear as buttons on the process diagram. This is especially useful for constructing landing pages.

Skore has a library of over 500 icons that can be searched and added to the page.

How to...

Add icon from the left bar

Open the left bar and click on the Icon tab at the top. You can search for icons by typing keywords or you browse the icons by scrolling down.

When you have found an icon you wish to use simply drag the icon onto the canvas. This will automatically create a note box with a transparent background and the icon short code embedded.

Clicking an icon in the left panel will copy the short code to the clipboard. This can then be pasted into any text field including Note boxes, Whatboxes, Whyboxes and attachments.

Customize icon color and size

To change the colour of an icon simply add the colour name, or code, inside the square brackets.

For example:

![icon 2x](question-circle) will add a question mark icon to your diagram. If we want to make this appear blue simply write blue in the shortcode.

![icon blue 2x](question-circle)

You can also use hex color codes for icons.

![icon #4f88cc 2x](question-circle)

To change the size of the icon simply change the number in the short code. The higher the number the larger the icon.

![icon 2x](question-circle)
![icon 3x](question-circle)
![icon 4x](question-circle)
![icon 5x](question-circle)


The size and colour of the icon can also be controlled by the stylesheet and text formatting. The icon will use the text size and will adopt any other formatting you have selected. For example if you use markdown to create a heading in your note the icon will use the heading size.

Icons will also use the stylesheet color for that object. For example, if you have set the text of a note box to blue then the icon will be blue. The color you add to the shortcode will override the text color.

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